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Here at TerrenEssence, I strive to use materials derived from Earth itself. You’ll find my all natural products are free of the toxins and chemicals which currently contaminating so many of our everyday products.

In addition to being earth friendly, most of my handmade products also promote health and wellness to both mind and body. Using all natural ingredients and materials without all the unnecessary fillers ensures you’re getting the best possible product for you and your environment.

All Natural Products:

HANDMADE LIP BALM:20161005_153633

My handmade lip balms are made in small batches using the finest quality nourishing ingredients and supercharged with the healing power of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  Free of dyes, fragrances and artificial flavorings.  Choose from a variety of flavors!

summerbreezeHANDMADE SOAPS:

My handmade soaps are made in small batches using the finest quality oils and super-fats.  Scented using pure essential oils, they hold an amazing aromatherapy benefit and are naturally colored using ground herbs and spices.



As a product consultant for a highly accredited essential oil company, I not only use essential oils in my products, but I also sell them!  I offer 100% pure, therapeutic grade EO’s in their purest form as well as in diluted, ready-to-use rollerbottles for on-the-go. (Available as both Single Oils and Blends).



My handmade jewelry uses natural wood, stones, crystals, hemp, sterling silver, metal and other earth-based materials.  Since each one is hand-crafted by me personally, I can assure each piece is truly one of a kind. From simple wooden diffuser necklaces for use with your favorite essential oils to intricately woven wire wrapped gemstones & crystals.


TerrenEssence is a small, home-based business located in Cincinnati, OH USA.